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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
...Shes's Sexy...

[ x ] the story behind your user name: It sums up the purpose of a blog!*
[ x ] where do you live: Billings, Montana
[ x ] 4 words that sum you up: cRazY, Bubbly, Daring, Fun

[ x ] wallet - khaki American Eagle; matches my purse
[ x ] hairbrush - Pink
[ x ] toothbrush - Pink
[ x ] jewelry worn daily - My Italian bracelet
[ x ] pillow cover - Dark Pink, Light Pink & White Striped
[ x ] blanket - Same as my pillow
[ x ] underwear - a blue striped Victoria Secret thong
[ x ] shoes - Pink Etnies
[ x ] favorite shirt - ummm I have too many...LOL!*
[ x ] CD in stereo right now - TBS is in my car!*
[ x ] tattoos - A butterfly on my lower back
[ x ] piercings - Ears
[ x ] what you are wearing now - A&F jeans & my girly pink yellowcard shirt!*
[ x ] hair - Med. Brown with Golden, Light Brown & Reddish highlights

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are)
[ x ] in my mouth - Captain Crunch....LOL...Fav. Cereal!*
[ x ] in my head - My paper that I'm printing it's due today!* I only have one class!*
[ x ] wishing - That everything works out with Ryan
[ x ] talking to - Jesse
[ x ] fetishes - Teeth
[ x ] if you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason? oo Many People...LOL!*
[ x ] person you wish you could see right now - Ryan :)
[ x ] is next to you - My Bed & Stuff
[ x ] some of your favorite movies - Dumb & Dumber...Too Many More To Name :)
[ x ] something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month - Thanksgivings Break!*
[ x ] something that you are deathly afraid of - Spiders
[ x ] do you like candles - Yeah.
[ x ] do you like hot wax - Ummm No That's Kinky...SHUT UP KYLE...LOL!*
[ x ] do you like incense - Yeah.
[ x ] do you like the taste of blood - No
[ x ] do you believe in love - Yeah.
[ x ] do you believe in soul mates - Yeah....ZACH...LOL!*
[ x ] do you believe in love at first sight - Sometimes...
[ x ] do you believe in Heaven - Yeah
[ x ] do you believe in forgiveness - Yeah
[ x ] do you believe in God - Yeah
[ x ] what do you want done with your body when you're dead? - Buried, please.
[ x ] who is your worst enemy - ummm don't know...LOL!*
[ x ] if you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be - Penguin
[ x ] what are some for your favorite pig out foods - Chex Mix, Ice Cream & Pizza
[ x ] what's something you wish you could understand better - Guys or People in General...LOL!*
[ x ]:Piercings = 2
[ x ]:Tattoos = 1
[ x ]:Height= 5'4
[ x ]:Shoe size= 7 Ĺ - 8
[ x ]:Siblings= 3

[ x ]:Movie you rented= Dawn of The Dead
[ x ]:Movie you bought= Best of Will Ferrell
[ x ]:Song you listened to= Maroon 5...She Will Be Loved...
[ x ]:Song that was stuck in your head= Same ^
[ x ]:Cd you listened to= Taking Back Sunday
[ x ]:Person you've called= Jesse
[ x ]:Person that's called you= Ryan
[ x ]:Tv show you've watched= Fear Factor last night
[ x ]:Person you were thinking of= Ryan....
[ x ]:Friend you made= Greg in my Stat class

[ x ]:You have a crush on someone - Yeah...
[ x ]:You wish you could live somewhere else= Yeas
[ x ]:You think about suicide= No
[ x ]:You believe in online dating= No
[ x ]:Others find you attractive= Yeah
[ x ]:You want more piercings= Yeah. My belly button
[ x ]:You drink= Yeah
[ x ]:You do drugs= Nope
[ x ]:You smoke= Nope
[ x ]:You like cleaning= When I'm bored
[ x ]:You like roller coasters= I LOVE THEM!*!*!*
[ x ]:You write in cursive or print= I write in cursive print...LOL!*

[ x ]:Long distance relationships= Depends
[ x ]:Using someone= Against
[ x ]:Suicide= Against
[ x ]:Killing people= Depends who it is...LOL!*
[ x ]:Doing drugs= Against
[ x ]:Driving drunk= Against.

[ x ]:Food= Mexican
[ x ]:Song= ForYouToNotice
[ x ]:Thing to do= Hang with my friends
[ x ]:Thing to talk about= Boys...LOL!* Ok I feel 15 again :)
[ x ]:Sports= Baseball
[ x ]:Drinks= Dr, Pepper & Strawberry Lemonade
[ x ]:Clothes= My hoodies
[ x ]:Band= Dashboard Confessional & Taking Back Sunday
[ x ]:Color= Pink
[ x ]:Numberr= 19
[ x ]:Holiday= 4th of July
[ x ]:Disney movie= Lion King & The Goofy Movie
[ x ]:Word= Idk
[ x ]:Nickname= Ganj Ganj LOL Long Story...
[ x ]:Eye color= Brown...
[ x ]:Flower= Daisies
[ x ]:Piercing= Eyebrow or Lip

[ x ]:Ever cried over a boy= Yeah
[ x ]:Ever lied to someone= Yeah
[ x ]:Ever been in a fist fight= No
[ x ]:Ever been arrested= No

[ x ]:Of times I have been in love?= Once
[ x ]:Of times I have had my heart broken?= Three
[ x ]:Of hearts I have broken?= More than I know I'm sure
[ x ]:Of boys I have kissed?= I never kiss and tell...LOL!*
[ x ]:Of boys I've slept with? ummm my business LOL!*
[ x ]:Of drugs taken illegally?= I don't consider weed a drug really..,LOL So none!*
[ x ]:Of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends?= Six
[ x ]:Of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?= A Bunch
[ x ]:Of scars on my body?= Three or so
[ x ]:Of things in my past that I regret?= One or two things

[ x ]:Pretty= Yeah
[ x ]:Funny= I'm hilarious
[ x ]:Hot= Hella hot babyyy
[ x ]:Friendly= Of course
[ x ]:Amusing= Yeah
[ x ]:Ugly= At times
[ x ]:Lovable= Yeah
[ x ]:Caring= Yeah
[ x ]:sweet= Yeah
[ x ]:dorky= Yeah LOL!*

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Thursday, November 11, 2004
...Veterans Day = No School...

Good Afternoon!* Sleeping in felt so good!* And it was much needed...LOL!* I woke up around 10:30-11:00 and I decided to make me and my Mom lunch!* So I made some chicken fettuccine alfredo. I cut the chicken, cooked it, made the fettuccine, graded the cheese, added the alfredo and put it in the oven!* When it came out it was sooooo good!* My Mom loved it...LOL!* Then I decided to give myself a pedicure. I painted my toe nails a light pink color and added a cute little butterfly decal that has a pink stone in the middle. My nails came out so cute and fun...LOL!* I just got done blow drying my hair and I'm gonna straighten it, up some make-up on and go to the mall!* Yeah I feel like spending money, but then again, what's new huh? :-D I'm not sure if I'm going to the fights tonight or not. I have to go see Britt @ work tonight and I figured since I'm going there anyway I will see if Ryan wants to talk after he gets off of work. So I'm guessing my blog later tonight will explain what our talk was about...LOL!* But I better go, the mall is calling and I still have to finish getting ready!*


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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
...Confusion NEVER Sleeps...

I wanted to have a serious talk with Ryan today. We continued to text message each other last night. We text messaged for a total of 2 hours!*!* The last text message he sent me said...Your the only one I think about all the time, your beautiful. Sweet Dreams Sonja, you'll be in mine. Isn't that sweet?!*All those text messages really did was make me even more confused than I already am. I called Ry when I got off work, I thought I could swing over to his house on my way home and we could talk. But I couldn't get a hold of him. So I just picked-up some Wendy's and went home...LOL!* He called about an hour later. He was out with his friend, Chris and his phone was at home charging. So we talked for a little while and he told me he wanted to talk about everything in person. I was gonna go over to his house, but we decided to talk tomorrow when it wasn't so late...LOL!* I'm still afraid of what this talk will lead to. I really like Ryan, I mean I like him so much I can't explain it, it gives me butterflies. I just don't want to get hurt and most of al l don't want to hurt him. I just think that what I want from this relationship is different from what he wants. I think that has a lot to do with our ages. It's just 2 years, but high school and college can make a huge difference. I want to be with Ryan, because when I am with him I'm extremely happy, but the downside to liking someone this much is that they can hurt you the worst too, you know? I guess what ever happens, happens... Okay I can say shit like that, but easier said than done...LOL!* I just don't know what to do, should I go out with him or remain friends with him? Ok I'll makes a pro and cons list...LOL!*

PROS: He is sweet, funny, smart and kind. He can usually cheer me up when I need it. He likes me for me regardless if I'm having a good Sonja day or a bad Sonja day...LOL!* He listens to me, he supports what I want to do in life like with college and med. school. And he thinks it's awesome. He's mature for his age and he can just give me one look and I melt. He is so gorgeous, he has amazing eyes and a terrific smile. He thinks before he acts which is a lot more than I can say for any guy...LOL...any person for that matter...LOL!*

CONS: He's 17 I'm 19. He's in high school...I'm in college. My expectations of where I want this relationship to go, could be quite different from his. Sometimes he acts weird, especially at work. He closes himself off from me and that sort of upsets me. It makes me feel like he doesn't want to let me in. He sometimes gets jealous, he thinks every guy likes me and that makes me afraid to talk to any of my guy friends, because I don't want to upset him. But at the same time they are just my friends!* There are some Cons I just can't explain, but there are some Pros I just can't explain either or put into words.

I don't want to get hurt...but I guess that is a risk in any relationship. The biggest regrets in life are the risks we don't take. I have no idea what I should do and if anyone has any ideas, I'm up to listening to them...Sometimes it's hard to explain a situation if your not there, you know? So I hope you all understand where I am coming from... Ahhh heart ache what a bitch huh? LOL!*!* No school tomorrow yes!*!* I get to sleep in awwwww I can't wait!* It's going to be sooo awesome!* LOL!* Later All!*!*!*




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...Candy Necklaces ROCK!*...

Hey Hey!* I was blog hopping and found a couple of survey things...LOL!* So I thought I would fill them out and let you all know a little more about yours truly!*

1. What's the color of your bedroom walls? Baby Pink!*

2. What's in the drawer of your dresser?LOL which drawer? I have like 4 :)

3. Do you have a rug or hardwood floor?I have off white carpet *CHEESE*

4. What kind of pictures are on the walls?I have a couple of posters...of bands like blink, dc and all my posters from warped tour, I also have some posters of Josh Hartnett and some A&F guys :) Plus pics of my friends!*

5. What is your favorite item in your room?LOL well, hmmm I love the birthday card Mindy gave me last year for my 18th b-day. I still have it up, it's a cute monkey in a fairy outfit and it's so pink and cute...LOL!*

6. Did you make your bed today?Yes, I make it every morning, first thing when I wake up...I'm a freak :-D

7. Are your clothes all over the place? No, they are in my closets :)

8. What color are your sheets? Light Pink, Dark Pink & White....I LOVE Them!*!*!*

9. When you walk in the bedroom what's the first thing you smell? Hmmm my room smell...LOL* It smells good...LOL!* My car smells like me too! :)

10. Do you have a TV in your room?'s a huge distraction...LOL!*

11. Are there any full length mirrors in plain view?Yeah I have one in my room!*

12. What's on the table next to the bed? on my night stand, next to my bed, I have a lamp, a book, my alarm clock and my small jewelry box...

13. What's in the drawer of the table next to the bed? A box of old notes and stuff that people have given me, like card and stuff like that...

14. What covers the windows curtains or mini blinds? curtains

15. What's piled up under your bed? Nothing

16. Is your bed brass or wood framed? It's that light colored tan wood I love it...LOL!*

17. Are the lights bright or dim in the room? They are lights you can dim or have both...LOL!*

18. Do you use a little plug in night light? LOL there is one in the hall way. but not my room

19. How many closets do U have? Two

20. The most Eye Catchin item/s in the room? Everything...LOL!* It's really girly...LOL!*

----end of survey 1, start survey 2-----

1.Ever been in a first fight at school? LOL No I've seen a bunch though...

2.Scold teachers? LOL ummm no...

3.Represent school in sports/competitions? Yeah, cheerleading, soccer & softball...

4.Complete your homework? Yes...

5.What was the biggest trouble you create at your school? True trouble makers don't tell what trouble they've created...LOL!* Right Mikey were #1 & #2!*!*!*


1.Are you stubborn? Not really, I believe in compromise

2.Are you lazy or hardworking?Hardworking, I busted my ass to be valedictorian of my high school class and I'm working hard so I can get into Med. school...LOL!* Ahhhhh :-D

3.Are you responsible for the things you did? Most of the time...

4.Are you a romantic person?
Yes hopelessly...LOL!* Too many chick flicks!*

5.Are you a sensitive person? Not really, I don't let people push me around


1.your wallet: purse: Wallet, it's from American Eagle it matches my purse...LOL!* They are off white and tan. My Wallet it full of my credit cards, money, my drivers license, my school ID, and pictures of my friends. My purse has endless amounts of lipgloss in it...LOL, gum, my wonderful eclipse mints, my car keys, perfume, and other odds and ends...LOL!*

2.your handphone: it's a flip/color picture phone ummm an Audiovox

3.your computer: ummm it's a dell...LOL!*

4.your room: I pretty much filled the survey above all about my room...LOL!*

5.yourself: What do you want to know?


1.Who was the last to give you flowers? Ryan when my car got hit...

2.Who was the last to give you a kiss? Ryan...LOL I'm beginning to see a pattern forming here...LOL!*

3.When was the last time you get drunk?Ummm with Mikey last Friday!* LOL!*

4.Who was the last person you are thinkin about? Ryan...

5.When was the last time you skip class? Today...LOL!* I skipped Stat


1.Who are your best friends? Becky is my bestest friend, & Marshall is my bestest guy friend...LOL!* But I'm also close with; Mikey, Jess Jess, Britt, Sabrina, Matt, Bryan & of course Ryan...

2.Who knows mostly of your secrets? Becky

3.Who was there for you when you are boring? This question almost makes no sense...LOL!*

4.Who are your friends who saw you cry? Becky has, but not too many of my friends have seen me really cry, crying at movies and such doesn't count...LOL!*

5.Which one is more important? best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? My Friends no doubt!*!*!*!*

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
...When Your Heart & Your Head Disagree...

Have you ever treated someone the total opposite way from how you really want to treat them? Tonight @ work, I was just weird towards Ryan. We worked in opposite kitchens, but when I did see him I was really short with him. Then I stayed after to help his crew, and I talked to like everyone, but him. Then when we all clocked out, I left with Mikey and I let him drive my PT...LOL!* I guess I was treating him like this because I still like him so much. I figure if I ignore him and treat him almost badly, I will get over him. but when I got home I felt like shit. I realized I hurt someone I cared about. I could tell I hurt him by the way he was acting. So I text messaged him and apologized. Then we starting telling each other how we still really like each other and now I have no idea what to do. We are still text messaging each other as I'm typing this...LOL!* Gosh I think it's best we do are own thing for awhile, but honestly I think about Ryan all the time. When I wake up, when I'm driving to school. I think about him whenever a love song or sad song comes on the radio. I think about him while I am in class, walking to class, going to work. Pretty much I think about him all the time!*!*!*!* So it's hard for me to listen to my head when my heart is telling me something totally different....Well, text messages are coming and I have a pysch test to study for too!* Later!*


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